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Peter Kietzmann peter.kietzmann at haw-hamburg.de
Thu Oct 22 09:27:33 CEST 2015

Hi Amit,

Am 22.10.2015 um 00:44 schrieb amit mehta:
> On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 8:12 PM, Oleg Hahm <oliver.hahm at inria.fr> wrote:
>> Hi Amit and welcome to RIOT!
>>> Few days back I asked on RIOT-OS IRC channel about the possibility of
>>> participation of RIOT-OS for GSOC 2016, but I didn't get any response. I guess
>>> it's not planned at the moment.
>> As you assumed correctly, it's too early for a definitive decision, but I
>> think it is likely that RIOT will apply next year, too.
>>> However, At the same time, I need to work on my Masters Thesis and I'm
>>> wondering that It might be possible that some significant work for RIOT OS
>>> __may__ get counted towards Thesis.
>> I think this is definitely possible.
>>> On the GitHub wiki page, I could not find enough information on such feature
>>> list or TODOs list. (However, I must inform that, so far (In two days), I
>>> have mostly skimmed through the information on RIOT-OS GitHub page, forked
>>> the codebase, and have done some early setup; Toolchain, Configuring tool
>>> for Firmware Flashing, arranged a target board etc), hence Is there any
>>> feature list with some overview etc ? That would be very helpful to me.
>> I think if you look at http://riot-os.org/#features and
>> http://riot-os.org/#usage you will get a rather complete overview over
>> existing features.
>> I guess there are several hot open topics on nearly all layers on the system
>> and the networking side of RIOT. Do you have any particular interests in the
>> area of IoT? Are you more interested in system design, hardware support (e.g.
>> drivers) or more in the networking aspect (link layer, routing, application
>> layer...)?
> Thank you for your mail. Luckily I got access to the IOT-Lab testbed and
> during past few days, I've been busy getting acquainted with the testbed,
> going through the tutorials (RIOT OS tutorial 3 on their website seem to
> be outdated as I couldn't find the RPL UDP example under RIOT example
> application folder), watched the RIOT-OS introductory video on Youtube [1]
> and tried some other example application. So far so good.
> I think, I need to spend some more time to get a clearer picture, however
> I do have few doubts (probably silly ones right now) and have few areas of
> interest.
> 1: Generally vendors provide BSP (startup files; combination of assembly
> and C), Libraries and in some cases binaries with some glue logic
> (e.g. Nordic Semiconductor distributes Bluetooth stack, ANT stack etc
> as a binary, which they call softdevice) for bare metal programming.
> Those Vendor specific APIs are not inter-operable. So, Is RIOT-OS an
> alternative to such cross platform development ? I mean If I develop an
> application for one hardware platform (Say NRF51822, with ARM Cortex
> M0 SOC, But with different sets of Peripherals) using RIOT-OS,
> how easy it would be to port the same application on another platform
> (say, STM32 also with same ARM MCU but with slightly different set
> of Peripherals)?

It will be super easy :-) ! We have common peripheral driver APIs that 
must be fulfilled by the underlying hardware (hardwae abstaction). That 
means, higher layer software will be portable without touching lowlevel 

> 2: It seems that there has been some work already done for BLE
> (Bluetooth Low Energy) support. What is it's current status ?

Compare https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/pull/3541. As you can see, we 
currently have drivers for a BLE device and an initial approach for a 
link layer implementation.  My gut feeling tells me, that the student 
who started working on it won't spend more time. Currently I'm looking 
for someone who will take this work over. Maybe found one, we'll see...

> My areas of interest in no particular order are
> 1: Bootloader for Firmware upgrade over the air.
> Some time back, I implemented DFU-OTA (Device Firmware Upgrade
> Over The AIR) over Bluetooth transport for a custom board having Nordic
> Semiconductor's nRF51822 SOC. Thanks to the Bootloader, distributed
> by Nordic, and excellent documentation, using the bootloader with my
> application was relatively easy. During that exercise, I understood that
> some glue logic was required in the application and the bootloader, and
> also depends on some hardware specific configuration. How easy or
> difficult it would be to have such Firmware upgrade feature, when
> using RIOT-OS ?
> 2: I've a custom board which has a on-board external Flash memory
> from Spansion, connected to STM32 MCU (ARM Cortex M0 based
> SOC) over SPI bus. I also looked at the drivers directory of RIOT OS
> and so far it seems that no such drivers for Spansion flash memory
> connected over SPI bus exist. So maybe this is one of the area,
> I can work on ?

There are no drivers for the Spansion flash memory in RIOT. If you plan 
to work on it, you might also be interested in the NVRAM interface and 
the implementation for the mulle board.


> 3: I've interest in Networking aspects too, however, I do not have
> any practical exposure to lower layers such as 802.15.4,
> 6loWPAN and have limited experience with IPv6.
> Thanks,
> Amit

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