[riot-devel] RIOT preview for TI cc3200

Kaspar Schleiser kaspar at schleiser.de
Wed Sep 2 09:36:55 CEST 2015

Hey Attilio,

Thanks a lot for your effort on getting this board supported!

On 09/01/15 21:32, Attilio Dona wrote:
> I need just some confirmation, the most important is
> that driverlib from TI is license compatible with RIOT
> (cpu/cc32000/driverlib and cpu/cc3200/inc files used as HAL for the
> drivers).

I just took a quick look, but it seems like "driverlib" is TI's own
hardware abstraction C code.

Our philosphy here was always to not use vendor-supplied HAL code and
instead rewrite hardware support from scratch.

While that requires a little more effort for a new port in the
beginning, we usually end up with a lot cleaner, smaller, more-to-the
point code that can more easily be shared between platforms.

(The license used by driverlib looks fine actually.)


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