[riot-devel] Setting options in an IEEE 802.15.4 driver

Aaron Sowry aeneby at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 05:27:19 CEST 2016


I'm currently working on an 802.15.4 driver, and trying to use all the
fancy new boilerplate functionality which was merged recently. I'm
using the at86rf2xx driver as inspiration, but the way it sets some
options (e.g. the long and short addresses) confuses me a bit.

The at86rf2xx's netdev set() function, when called with
NETOPT_ADDRESS, will call at86rf2xx_set_addr_short() which sets the
short_addr of the device struct along with some other
at86rf2xx-specific stuff. At the end of the case statement, however,
it then calls netdev2_ieee802154_set() *as well*, which appears to do
the same thing again (minus the chip-specific stuff).

Perhaps I'm getting lost in a forest of extended structs, but is this
intentional? It seems like at86rf2xx_set_addr_short() should *only* be
doing the chip-specific stuff, and leaving the rest up to
netdev2_ieee802154_set()? I hope my description's not too hard to


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