[riot-devel] at86rf2xx and PHR filtering

Thomas Eichinger thomas.eichinger at fu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 4 16:26:06 CEST 2016

Hi Alex,

thanks for pointing out and letting us know about a possible 
vulnerability related to the length field. It rose attention to the fact 
that we checked it in past versions of the driver but missed it at some 
point in transition. With [1] we should respect this again.

Regarding your example on state transition below, for the driver getting 
stuck in the assertion loop the transceiver would already have to be in 
RX_AACK_ON state before to change into RX_AACK_BUSY. The MCU's call of 
at86rf2xx_set_state(foo, RX_AACK_ON) would then already return in the 
fourth line of this function [2].
As far as I can see the situation pointed out by you should be avoided 
with this for most situations.

Looking at the code now we might should exchange the order of this check 
with the loop waiting for busy states though to catch the case the 
transceiver is busy receiving and a call of at86rf2xx_set_state(foo, 

Best, Thomas

[1] https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/pull/5234

On 1 Apr 2016, at 7:24 ART(-0300), Alexander Aring wrote:
> I looked now in RIOT code [0].
> So they will call at86rf2xx_set_state(at86rf2xx_t *dev, uint8_t state)
> with state as RX_AACK_ON, but at the end they call:
> _set_state(at86rf2xx_t *dev, uint8_t state)
> with RX_AACK_ON, so it could be that RIOT has this behaviour:
> MCU       -> at86rf2xx_set_state(foo, RX_AACK_ON)
> at86rf2xx -> going into RX_AACK_ON
> at86rf2xx -> detected SFD, going into RX_AACK_BUSY
>   MCU       -> _set_state(foo, RX_AACK_ON)
>     MCU       ->  while (at86rf2xx_get_status(dev) != state) -> stucks 
> inside this loop
> at86rf2xx -> receiving done, going into RX_AACK_ON
>     MCU       ->  while (at86rf2xx_get_status(dev) != state) -> loop 
> ends
> The stucking inside the loop for assertion is here a possible case 
> which
> is bad. But okay it's unlikely I also get such issues only when I make
> really big traffic.
> - Alex
> [0] 
> https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/blob/master/drivers/at86rf2xx/at86rf2xx_getset.c#L420
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