[riot-devel] CC110x and CC112x addressing

Mateusz Kubaszek mathir.km.riot at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 18:58:32 CEST 2016


I implemented radio driver for CC112x and made an application for testing
it. It implements random data generation, sending, receiving and checks
whether the packet is correct or not. Many devices could be tested
simultaneously. One of them receives all the messages and transmits them
back to sender nodes. I tested the original CC110x driver and my CC112x
driver. Both drivers work correctly. But I have a problem with transceiver
addresses.... this is where it gets tough.

CC110x and CC112x frames contain address byte and every transceiver has
their own hardware address (1B). In CC112x I turn addressing on, so the
transmitter discards every frame with mismatching address (except for
broadcast addresses 0x00 and 0xff). The higher layers don't work correctly
because messages are being discarded...
I would appreciate your help with this problem, as I can't figure it out.
Could you lend me a hand with that? How to set correct transceiver address,
so that the 1B addresses generated from netif headers will match the
destination node 1B address? Will it work that way?

Best regards,

od wirusów. www.avast.com
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