[riot-devel] PPP border router

Jose Alamos jialamos at uc.cl
Thu Apr 28 14:46:36 CEST 2016

Hi again.

What do you think about using a PPP link between RIOT and a computer for
border router stuffs?

It should be similar to ethos, but works directly with a ppp counterpart
(pppd, for example).

The advantages of a PPP link are:

   - Easy to configure link and network parameters (MRU, IP's, control
   characters, etc). This is done automatically by the PPP negotiation
   algorithm and it's customizable.
   - As pppd runs at kernel level, there's no need to set up a tap
   interface (in Mac OS X I think is not straightforward to set up one)
   - Can carry multiple protocols in same link (IPv4, IPv6, debugging data,
   - It's very stable (it has special packets for monitoring the link)
   - It's standard and comes bundled in most OS.

The current implementation of gnrc_ppp is almost done (Link and network
protocols are being negotiated).

Does it make sense?

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