[riot-devel] MRF24J40 Development - mysterious cyclic transmits

Neo neo at nenaco.de
Sat Aug 13 15:39:08 CEST 2016

Hi Peter,
yes, I think that's it.
I think it is possible to deactivate ICMP in the Makefile....

Best regards,

Am 12.08.2016 um 16:08 schrieb Peter Kietzmann:
> Hi Neo,
> there might be ICMPv6 related packets that were sent from the 
> IP-layer. Also these packets will cause a TX interrupt in the driver 
> (if enabled). This should be independent from the ACK configuration of 
> the radio. Is is possible you meant that?
> Did you already upload your code somewhere?
> Best regards
> Peter
> Am 10.08.2016 um 12:33 schrieb Neo:
>> Hello everybody,
>> I'm working at the moment with the gnrc_networking example and even if I
>> do nothing I get cyclic transmit interrupts.
>> For my understanding - if I use a configuration with no acknowledgement
>> and no
>> retries there should be no transfer activity at all. Is this correct?
>> Best regards,
>> Neo
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