[riot-devel] Fragmentation support in IP

Thomas C. Schmidt t.schmidt at haw-hamburg.de
Thu Aug 18 18:10:44 CEST 2016

Hi Adeel,

GNRC in RIOT supports fragmentation, e.g. in the context of 6LowPAN.

However, you seem to be interested in sending UDP datagrams that exceed 
the MTU payload size. I don't think this is common use ... and I don't 
think this is clever, either. IP fragmentation is not an equivalent for 
data streaming.


On 18.08.2016 18:04, Adeel Mohammad Malik wrote:
> Hi all,
> My question is about fragmentation support in IP in RIOT. Does IP in
> RIOT support fragmentation? The use case I am after is transferring a
> large blob of data (let’s say 5 kilobytes) on the UDP/IP stack in RIOT.
> Is that possible?
> I know that 6LoWPAN supports fragmentation but that is below the IP
> layer. I am interested in fragmentation at the IP layer so that
> application running over it in RIOT can send large data.
> Regards,
> Adeel


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