[riot-devel] Raspberry & 6LoWPAN HowTo outdated

Tomek Jokii tomek.jokii at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 07:01:20 CET 2016


does someone plan to update following HowTo:


I have all is needed:

   - OpenLabs Raspberry Pi 802.15.4 radio
   - Raspberry Pi 2 or Raspberry Pi 3
   - Atmel SAM R21 Xplained Pro

but still fail to do successful ping. Two SAM R21 boards see each other,
can ping, setup UDP server etc., but going according HowTo gives no effect.
No ping response both from raspberry nor from SAM R21. I managed go through
all steps up to examples.
Recently I'm using new raspberry kernel which support openlabs radio by
default (just need to enable overlays), but still not working.

Maybe there is some other up to date howto/tutorial which enable SAM R21
board and RPI to communicate.
Finally I'm new to RIOT, is this right place to ask that question?

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