[riot-devel] Cortex M0 HardFault

Kaspar Schleiser kaspar at schleiser.de
Thu Dec 15 17:50:49 CET 2016


On 12/15/2016 05:32 PM, Baptiste Clenet wrote:
> What could cause:
> Stack pointer corrupted, reset to top of stack
> l.238, vectors_cortexm.c
> (then board is halted)
> Any program I flash on the samr21 goes directly to hard_fault_handler()

Any program, e.g., also "tests/hello-world"?

> Board dead or something missing?

Which OS are you on, what toolchain?
Do you have a second samr21-xpro to test the binary?
Are you on a clean master checkout?

Seriously, did you try a different USB cable?


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