[riot-devel] USB BLE HCI protocol

Peter Kietzmann peter.kietzmann at haw-hamburg.de
Tue Feb 9 00:03:56 CET 2016

Hi Phanindra,

as my previous speakers already mentioned there are several references 
to start with. Usually when I start work on a new project I begin with 
google, just to get an overview of the whole thing. Searching for "BLE" 
will give you several interesting references. One hint besides: There 
are also some relevant books available, e.g.  "Bluetooth Low Energy: The 
Developer's Handbook".

Are you explicitly interested in USB HCI or do I suggest correctly that 
you are more interested in BLE in general? Anyway, you need to find out 
where you actually want spend your time and get an understanding of the 
respective technique.

To get familiar with RIOT in general I recommend reading through our 
wiki (https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/wiki) that provides some 
guidelines, tutorials, explanations (etc..) and execute some of our 
examples and tests. As Johann mentioned, we have some newcomer tasks 
that usually act as a training for your first contribution to RIOT.


Am 08.02.2016 um 11:37 schrieb Johann Fischer:
> Hello Phanindra,
> Am 08.02.2016 um 11:03 schrieb PHANINDRA SURA:
>> Hello,
>> I would like to work on the above issue, related to Bluetooth low 
>> Energy,a
>> topic of my interest.
>> Please tell me the pre-requisites to be learnt for contributing to this
>> task.
> You need the following hardware:
> - a Bluetooth compatible transceiver connected to a NXP Kinetis or 
> Atmel SAM[R,D]21 MCU (for these both exist the usb device driver for 
> RIOT).
> You need the following software support:
> - a Bluetooth compatible protocol stack (there is no one mainline)
>> Where can I find relevant material to build my knowledge on these
>> protocols.
> See [1...3], but based on the questions that you ask, I do not think 
> it is an appropriate project for you, maybe one of [4]?
> [1] https://www.bluetooth.com/specifications
> [2] http://www.usb.org/developers/docs/
> [3] http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/bluetooth/btusb.c
> [4] https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/labels/Newbie-Task-Candidate

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