[riot-devel] Reversed L2 addr in neighbor advertisement

Michael Andersen michael at steelcode.com
Wed Feb 10 09:30:57 CET 2016


I have a network of 5 nodes whose hardware addresses are
00:12:6d:03:00:00:10:xx where the XX varies from 01 to 05. There is also a
border router with a completely different address.

As you can see in the attached picture, sometimes there are unicast
neighbor advertisements sent to nonexistent addresses that are the reverse
of the one doing the solicitation. In the picture, this is
fe80::510:0:36d:1202 instead of fe80::212:6d03:0:1005

I checked the RFC's and I can't see why this would be done deliberately,
especially as those frames never get acked, so the other side is certainly
not expecting this.

Is there a HTONLL bug somewhere in the ND code?

It doesn't happen all the time, so it can't be a bug on the main code path,
I spent a couple hours looking for it but no luck (I don't know the
codebase well).

Any help would be appreciated

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