[riot-devel] Counting retransmissions on at86rf2xx

Andreas Weigel andreas.weigel at tuhh.de
Wed Feb 10 10:21:09 CET 2016


if there is no code available, wouldn't it be rather easy to introduce a 
simple intermediate layer, set the number of retransmissions in the 
driver to 0, and re-initiate the transmission every time the driver 
reports a failure (up to the desired number of retransmissions) and 
count the retransmissions there? You probably loose some microseconds 
compared to the hardware solution, but gain the information you need.


PS: As you are speaking of multi-hop traffic, I'd like to use the 
opportunity to bring attention to the "deafness"-problem again, which 
may impact performance using the extended operating mode in combination 
with multi-hop traffic. (mailing list topic: at86rf2xx radio driver -- 
potential severe performance issues for multi-hop communication)

On 02/09/2016 05:35 PM, Daniel Krebs wrote:
> Hi Oleg,
>> I'm running some experiments where I tune parameters on the upper 
>> layers as well as on the link-layer and want to evaluate how many 
>> packets were actually required in different settings to retrieve data 
>> in a multi-hop scenario. 
> The only thing that comes to my mind would be measuring the time 
> inside the driver for AT86RF231. Since you know the frame length and 
> transmission times are deterministic, you should be able to deduct the 
> number of retransmissions. But CSMA then might be a problem, because 
> it introduces random delays :/
> Cheers,
> Daniel
>> Cheers, Oleg
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