[riot-devel] IPv6 NDP router advertisement from global address

Michael Andersen michael at steelcode.com
Fri Feb 12 05:53:35 CET 2016


My nodes are getting "invalid" router advertisements a whole lot, and
falling out here
is causing a severe decrease in mesh reliability.

Specifically, it is the first check: the IPv6 source address is not link
local. (And I have verified that with a sniffer, the packets contain a full
128-bit inlined global address). I don't know the standards well enough to
know who is at fault here, but I reckon either the sender or the receiver
must be wrong :-)

Does anyone know if this requirement is true? That router advertisements in
response to router solicitations must contain link-local source addresses?
Incidentally, the node responding is one link away, so it could have used a
link-local address, it just chose not to.

Thanks again for your help
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