[riot-devel] Overriding SPI speeds + gadgets drivers

Emmanuel Baccelli Emmanuel.Baccelli at inria.fr
Mon Feb 22 11:38:30 CET 2016

Hi Marc

On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 9:58 AM, Marc <dkm+riotos at kataplop.net> wrote:

> On 29-01-2016 14:03, Kaspar Schleiser wrote:
>> Hey,
>> On 01/29/2016 01:56 PM, Marc wrote:
>>> I would like to drive the SPI at speeds currently not in the enum types.
>>> What would be the best approach (ie. what would be accepted in a pull
>>> request) :
>>>   - adding extra speeds to the global enum
>> Sounds the most sensible.
>> Also, I'm wondering if RIOT has any rule for accepting new drivers. I
>>> have been playing with small LCD, ws2812, mm5450, 7segments displays and
>>> I'm wondering if I should try to make something clean for creating a PRs
>>> ? I see that's devs are already flooded by more important PR, so maybe
>>> you simply don't want these extra "gadgets".
>> Sure, keep 'em coming!
>> One problem with drivers will always be that it's not possible to test
>> them if the hardware is not around. But if the PR looks OK (adheres to
>> RIOT's conventions and style), we'll merge it anyways.
> Hey :)
> I was really willing to create new PRs, but I'm still stuck with a PR
> that's few months old now (#4392) because I guess there's no time for this
> (and I 100% understand that).
> I was asked to create separate PR for each periphs (GPIO PR has been
> started en of nov, I still have pwm and spi waiting in my queue).
I guess you mean #4393, right?

> What is expected for not-so-common boards (like the ek-lm4f120-xl ?) ?

Actually this board is not that uncommon: it seems thousands of students
use it each year in this EDX online course for example (
But alas, they do not use it with RIOT...

> Should I wait for someone to ping the PR and tell me what's
> missing/expected ? Should I continue to rebase it even if no-one has time
> for this ? I could also group everything together (GPIO, SPI, PWM) so that
> when someone has few minutes to review it, everything can be done at once ?
Can you rebase, I will try to test (I have the hardware).

> The smaller divers (lcd, ws2912, mm5450) need a big cleaning before a PR
> can be pushed, so I don't really want to spend time on this if there is
> technically no time for reviewing... And I guess that having PR created
> then going to "unmaintained" state is not wanted by RIOT.
Understandable. Let's start with GPIOs!



> Thanks !
> Marc
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