[riot-devel] netdev2 - some hints about the relationships between the 6lowpan protocol

Bernhard Nägele bernhard at naegele-privat.de
Fri Feb 26 12:43:58 CET 2016

Hello everyone,
today I compiled the example/gnrc_minimal with the nrf24l01p module 
included in the boards Makefile.dep file (Riot Release package RIOT-2015.12)
. The compile process was successful and the compiler output show the 
the driver for the radio module was compiled. But when I searched with 
the debugger for driver subroutines, it seems that they are not really 
linked into the result.
Is there anyone who can explain me where I have to include the driver in 
the makefile-structure (USEMODULES +=....) that it will be involked by 
the example-application? In the board makefiles? In the application 
makefiles? Auto-Init? Wherelse?

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

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