[riot-devel] Issue in mailing list

Ludwig Knüpfer ludwig.knuepfer at fu-berlin.de
Sun Feb 28 06:38:43 CET 2016


There are two mails from you and two answers.
Maybe the problem confused you so much you overlooked and/or forgot the answers ;)


There is a link labeled "next message" you can use to click through the thread to find the answers.
Gmail also has a search function that might be of help in case you struggle with the invalid certificate of the archives page.

On a general note: RIOT does not have commercial service as of now, so even if you receive no answers within a certain period that is no reason to think something is broken.
There is no "our side"/"your side", we're all just people interested in this project.


Am 28. Februar 2016 04:43:38 MEZ, schrieb Giri Sugu <girisugu2 at gmail.com>:
>Hi posted my question in ur mailing list before 4 days.
>But still now i didn,t get any response from your side.May i know where
>the problem.
>devel mailing list
>devel at riot-os.org

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