[riot-devel] Support for Microchip MRF24J40 Radio Module

Bernhard Nägele bernhard at naegele-privat.de
Mon Feb 29 00:58:03 CET 2016

Hello everybody,
today I started to port the AT86RF2XX driver for the MRF24J40 radio module.
Hier I have 2 question:

1. At the module initialization I found the following comment:

  * @brief   Set the transmission power of the given device [in dBm]
  * If the device does not support the exact dBm value given, it will 
set a value
  * as close as possible to the given value. If the given value is 
larger or
  * lower then the maximal or minimal possible value, the min or max 
value is
  * set, respectively.
  * @param[in] dev           device to write to
  * @param[in] txpower       transmission power in dBm
  void at86rf2xx_set_txpower(at86rf2xx_t *dev, int16_t txpower);

How should the txpower be coded? A int16 value in dBm ??? I don't 
understand this.
The Atmel AT86RF231 has a tx-power range from -17dBm to +3dBm and the 
has a range from -30 to 0dBm. How fits this together with that comment 

2. From where could I get as fast as possible some OpenLabs 802.15.4 
modules (delivery should be in 2-3 days, prefered in Germany)? At the 
store of OpenLabs there is mentioned a
delivery time from about 2 weeks....this is to long for my purpose.

Best regards

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