[riot-devel] remote forking and scheduling

Arash Shafiei arash at u.nus.edu
Fri Jun 3 04:23:08 CEST 2016

Hi Raphael,

Thanks for the explanations. I need to learn more about the Actor Model.

Actually message passing would be fine I guess.

There are two scenarios I am thinking about.

The first scenario is when you are programming on a particular device
(let's say for a washing machine) and you use the sensor data which are not
available on the device itself but rather available in the smart home as a
whole (let's say the programmer of the washing machine needs to check the
time, but only the clock has the time. the programmer of the washing
machine writes the program as if the washing machine has the time but in
fact in the lower level there are message passing to find the sensor data).

Basically in this first scenario, the programmer of each device write a
program as if the device knows everything but in the lower level, devices
communicate in order to get information from each other.

In the second scenario, the programmer writes a code which is heavy for the
device (let's say some video processing application on a wearable camera).
There will be profile data available for this piece of code. At run-time,
the decision is made to offload part of this code automatically without the
user knowing about it. Again there is a concept of smart environment where
CPUs and memories are available and main scheduler can determine how long a
computation can take, so the device can decide if it is worth to offload
the computation or not.

In both scenarios the programmer is unaware of the details and s/he knows
only programming for a smart environment/home/health system.
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