[riot-devel] Long time sleeping of the microcontroller

Bernhard Nägele bernhard at naegele-privat.de
Sat Jun 4 14:15:56 CEST 2016

Hello RIOT-enthusiasts,
I'm searching for a good way to bring a RIOT-system to lowest power 
modes for several minutes.
As far as I understand the function of the xtimer is designed to provide 
timebase for thread/task switching and providing short low-power-delays.
It is therefore not designed to support slow clock timers inside 
low-power microcontrollers.
Is this true?
Can you give tell me your opinion about using the slow-clock timer 
simply inside
the application? The idea is to bring the peripherals to lowest power 
mode, then
stop all threads except the main thread, mask interrupts und stop then the
microcontroller under the control of the application. The wakeup could 
by using an interrupt from the slow-clock-timer inside the CPU.

Is this a way which could work?

Best regards,

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