[riot-devel] Long time sleeping of the microcontroller

Bas Stottelaar basstottelaar at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 14:22:51 CEST 2016

Hi Bernard,

I have created two examples that leverages the low-power modes of the EFM32 MCU that I am working on.

Although this example is still very hardware dependent (because it is device-specific that the RTT can wakeup the MCU from sleep), I can get it down to 10µA in sleep (without other optimizations) with a wakeup time of ~2µs.

If you are interested, see https://github.com/basilfx/EFM2Riot/blob/master/dist/examples/sleep_wakeup/main.c <https://github.com/basilfx/EFM2Riot/blob/master/dist/examples/sleep_wakeup/main.c>, https://github.com/basilfx/EFM2Riot/blob/master/dist/examples/sleep_wakeup_measure/main.c <https://github.com/basilfx/EFM2Riot/blob/master/dist/examples/sleep_wakeup_measure/main.c> and probably https://github.com/basilfx/EFM2Riot/blob/master/dist/cpu/efm32_common/lpm_arch.c <https://github.com/basilfx/EFM2Riot/blob/master/dist/cpu/efm32_common/lpm_arch.c> too.

Kind regards,

> Op 4 jun. 2016, om 14:15 heeft Bernhard Nägele <bernhard at naegele-privat.de> het volgende geschreven:
> Hello RIOT-enthusiasts,
> I'm searching for a good way to bring a RIOT-system to lowest power modes for several minutes.
> As far as I understand the function of the xtimer is designed to provide the
> timebase for thread/task switching and providing short low-power-delays.
> It is therefore not designed to support slow clock timers inside low-power microcontrollers.
> Is this true?
> Can you give tell me your opinion about using the slow-clock timer simply inside
> the application? The idea is to bring the peripherals to lowest power mode, then
> stop all threads except the main thread, mask interrupts und stop then the
> microcontroller under the control of the application. The wakeup could happen
> by using an interrupt from the slow-clock-timer inside the CPU.
> Is this a way which could work?
> Best regards,
> Bernhard
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