[riot-devel] UDP datagram sending

Mateusz Kubaszek mathir.km.riot at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 12:00:46 CEST 2016

Hi :)

I am writing an UDP module for sending and receiving datagrams with 
ACKs. It is based on udp and pktdump example. I have a certain problem 
with datagram sending from my custom thread. Using shell module the 
datagrams are prepared as pktsnip and then sent by calling 
"gnrc_netapi_dispatch_send(GNRC_NETTYPE_UDP, GNRC_NETREG_DEMUX_CTX_ALL, 
ip);". The thread number is 2 which indicates the main thread. Up to 
this point everything seems to work fine. When I'm doing the same thing 
using my custom thread it doesn't work. Why is it so?

Best regards,
Mateusz Kubaszek

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