[riot-devel] Fwd: [iot-lab-admin] New RIOT tutorials

Alexandre Abadie alexandre.abadie at inria.fr
Mon Jun 20 12:09:35 CEST 2016


By the way, it seems that with the latest version of master, the UDP connection is not working any more, although ping is still working.


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> Hi devs,
> I wrote two new tutorials describing the configuration of a border router and
> CoAP on iotlab with RIOT. For me moment, they only target A8-M3 nodes.
> The CoAP tutorial doesn't fully work though because of the old version of Git
> not compatible with the "pkg" mecanism in RIOT (option -C not recognized in
> git 1.7).
> Can someone give it try and make some feedback, at least for the BR one ?
> Border router tutorial: https://www.iot-lab.info/?page_id=5355
> CoAP tutorial: https://www.iot-lab.info/?page_id=5371
> Thanks,
> Alex
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