[riot-devel] Problem with UDP and SAMR21-XPRO

MATTIA ANTONINI mattia.antonini1 at studenti.unipr.it
Tue Jun 21 11:09:16 CEST 2016

Hi RIOTers!
I've discovered a possible bug in RIOT. I'm working with 2 samr21-xpro: on
the first is running gnrc_border_router (I'll call it A) and on the other
(I'll call it B) is running gnrc_networking. I've well configured my
scenario infact I can ping both my nodes from linux shell. But, when I send
a UDP packet to B (with nc) it is forwarded correctly on tap interface (I
seen it on wireshark) but it arrives corrupted (wrong checksum) to B and it
is dropped by UDP thread. I've enabled packet dump and the packet arrives
with different packet lengths in ipv6 and udp headers (fixed to 8, it is
the UDP header length) and the udp payload is removed.

How can I fix this problem? Has anyone this problem?

I'm looking forward for a reply


Mattia Antonini
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