[riot-devel] Problem with UDP and SAMR21-XPRO

Alexandre Abadie alexandre.abadie at inria.fr
Tue Jun 21 21:42:26 CEST 2016

Hi Mattia,

Thanks for reporting this issue.

> I've discovered a possible bug in RIOT. I'm working with 2 samr21-xpro: on
> the first is running gnrc_border_router (I'll call it A) and on the other
> (I'll call it B) is running gnrc_networking. I've well configured my
> scenario infact I can ping both my nodes from linux shell. But, when I send
> a UDP packet to B (with nc) it is forwarded correctly on tap interface (I
> seen it on wireshark) but it arrives corrupted (wrong checksum) to B and it
> is dropped by UDP thread. I've enabled packet dump and the packet arrives
> with different packet lengths in ipv6 and udp headers (fixed to 8, it is
> the UDP header length) and the udp payload is removed.

I have the exact same problem although I didn't track it as deep as you did.

> How can I fix this problem? 

A regression was introduced 2 or 3 weeks ago in master and you could first "git bisect" to try to identify the incriminated commit.



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