[riot-devel] Question regarding CCN-lite and RIOT supported platforms

Adeel Mohammad Malik adeel.mohammad.malik at ericsson.com
Wed Jun 29 21:04:43 CEST 2016

Hi Oleg,

Thank you for your reply. It was really helpful. I actually posted another question on the mailing list about STM32F4Discovery and the possibility to run CCN-lite over it with 802.15.4. You have answered that question too.

I just have a follow up question about how the setup would look like if I use the Atmel at86rf23x transceiver with STM32F4Discovery. Does the transceiver hook up directly to the STM32F4Discovery board? Assuming I run CCN-lite directly on 802.15.4, how would I connect the STM32F4Discovery board to a computer that acts as a gateway to the CCN network?


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> Hi Adeel!
> On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 03:25:22PM +0000, Adeel Mohammad Malik wrote:
> > I am writing to inquire about the status of running CCN-lite over the
> > RIOT OS and about the platforms RIOT-OS supports. I am not sure if
> > this is the right mailing list to send my email over but I hope I can
> > be redirected to the right people if needed.
> Yes, devel at riot-os.org (or users at riot-os.org) are the right lists to ask this
> kind of questions.
> > 1.       The homepage of RIOT-OS claims that CCN-lite is supported over
> > RIOT. Has that been verified with the latest version of RIOT?
> Yes, we ran some tests to verify functionality of the CCN-lite package for
> RIOT 2016.04. However, since that release CCN-lite and the support package
> in RIOT has been extended by several features, so you might consider using
> the latest version in RIOT master.
> > 2.       Does CCN-lite only run directly over 802.15.4 or is there a
> > possibility to run it over the IP over 802.15.4?
> In principle yes. The CCN-lite package uses GNRC netapi calls to communicate
> with the lower layers. Hence, CCN-lite in RIOT could run on every arbitrary
> layer in the GNRC stack (Link layer, IP, UDP...). However, some small
> amendments are necessary to adapt CCN-lite in RIOT to run over 6LoWPAN
> (mostly for the addressing format). If you're interested in doing this, I would
> be more than happy to help.
> > 3.       Is there an estimate of how much RAM is required to run CCN-lite
> > over the RIOT-OS?
> From the top of my head: a simple application in RIOT with CCN-lite requires
> less than 20kB of RAM on a 32-bit platform (such as an ARM Cortex).
> However, CCN-lite uses dynamic memory allocation for the content store,
> PIT, FIB, and faces. Hence, at least 30kB of memory are advisable if you want
> to be able to do at least a little bit of caching.
> Note, that using CCN-lite over IP will consume significantly more RAM.
> > 4.       We would like to experiment with CCN-lite over the RIOT-OS. There
> > are a lot of platforms listed on the homepage. What we are looking for
> > is a platform that is constrained but at the same time has RAM more
> > than typical constrained platforms. 64 KB of RAM may suffice for our
> > needs. Anything more than that would be even better. We would really
> > appreciate if someone could recommend a platform with RAM >= 64 KB
> and
> > has been tested to run CCN-lite over RIOT.
> I have been running extensive experiments with CCN-lite on RIOT using the
> IoT-Lab testbed over the last months, using the Cortex-M3 nodes there.
> These nodes have 64kB of RAM and I can confirm that this suffices to run a
> reasonable ICN application with caching. However, the IoT-LAB nodes AFAIK
> are not purchasable. An alternative would be to use an STM32 Discovery or
> Nucleo board and connect an Atmel at86rf23x transceiver (the same one is
> used on the IoT-Lab nodes). Both, MCU family and transceiver are very well
> supported.
> Cheers,
> Oleg
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