[riot-devel] Riot on iot-lab

Alexandre Abadie alexandre.abadie at inria.fr
Wed May 25 09:00:04 CEST 2016

Hi devs,

Don't know if it's the best place for asking this.

I recently worked on several things on iotlab:
- adding support of samr21-xpro boards as new custom nodes. Of course, I wrote a firmware code based on RIOT for the continuous integration system ;). But to make it fully compatible with what the CI is expecting, I had to patch slightly the RIOT shell code by removing the echo of the input command and the display of the prompt character ('>'). This patch is based on compiler options (SHELL_NO_PROMPT and SHELL_NO_ECHO) which are not set by default. Would you accept such a contribution ? (I know it doesn't really help RIOT).
- porting riot to the a8-m3 open nodes with [1]. I need this soon in order to write tutorials showing how to configure a BR with RIOT and use coap (I'll reuse most of the examples). I'll have to build ethos and uhcpd on the a8 and the iotlab team wants to first start on those ones (before testing the m3). Can someone review this soon ?

Thanks you !


[1] https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/pull/5167

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