[riot-devel] Distributed Computing (offloading) with RIOT

Arash Shafiei arash at u.nus.edu
Tue May 31 16:44:28 CEST 2016

I have been thinking and reading about the research challenges in
IoT-specific operating systems.

One idea that I have encountered is to perform the computation outside the
device on a more powerful machine. Let's say a face recognition algorithm
cannot be performed on a wearable device and the wearable device needs to
send (offload) this computation to a nearby machine.

This can be done at the application level but also at the OS level. Let's
say a remote fork API hides the complexity of creating remote process from
the application programmer.

I was wondering if anyone has ever worked on this subject and if the
community thinks it is an interesting problem to work on at all.. If not,
would you have any suggestions for the research challenges in this domain?

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