[riot-devel] Notification: Biweekly virtual meeting @ Wed Oct 5, 2016 2pm - 3pm (RIOT Events)

Oleg Hahm oliver.hahm at inria.fr
Wed Oct 5 15:27:19 CEST 2016


Sorry, couldn't make it, but some comments/questions:

On Wed, Oct 05, 2016 at 03:16:11PM +0200, Martine Lenders wrote:
>    * How to prevent server problems we had at the weekend?
>           * downloads.riot-os.org was moved from kupfer to Kaspar's
> server due to power outage at FU
>        * => Kaspar became single point of failure
>        * Solutions:
>                   * More people access to kupfer
>            * Move to server at HAW (smlng can grant access to other people)
>            * More people access to Kaspar's server?

From my point of view, the most important view is getting rid of this single
point of failure - independent if it is hosted at FUB, HAW or Hetzner. We
should have at least one fallback server.

>    * Simon plans to rework GNRC TCP in the extended future (at Hack'n'ACKs?)

Can't we first merge the current solution ASAP and then do the rework?

I’d tell you an UDP joke but you might not get it.  Also, I have a TCP joke.
I’ll keep telling it until you get it.
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