[riot-devel] openthread and riot - license issues?

Martine Lenders mail at martine-lenders.eu
Sat Oct 22 17:11:44 CEST 2016

Hi Alex,
we include openthread's source code as a package so as far as we are
concerned (but we are not lawyers) there is no licensing issue. If you know
anything different, please let us know!


2016-10-22 16:36 GMT+02:00 Alexander Aring <aar at pengutronix.de>:

> Hi,
> I currently detect that openthread will be use internally some mbedtls
> as some library for crypto stuff. This license is apache [0].
> Will this not clash with RIOT's LGPL? Or does there exists some
> replacement for such functionality under another license?
> - Alex
> [0] https://github.com/openthread/openthread/blob/master/third_
> party/mbedtls/repo/LICENSE
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