[riot-devel] LoRaWAN implementation under RIOT

Emmanuel Baccelli Emmanuel.Baccelli at inria.fr
Wed Oct 26 17:39:17 CEST 2016

Hello again Cr0s,

Great. I was asking this because some RIOTers in Chile are about to start
to port LoRaWAN to RIOT, hence your SX1276 driver would be great for them,
I guess.

Looking forward to your PR!

One last question: are you using your SX1276 on a STM32L1 of some sort?



On Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 5:34 PM, Anon Anonymous <anon1644072 at gmail.com>

> Good day to all RIOT folks.
> Thank you guys for interesting that topic! And thanks to Akshay for the
> donation proposal, but I, personally, has a plenty of sx1276-based modules
> done by my company and they're work well so far.
> I finished my sx1276 driver and need about a week to port it onto newest
> version of RIOT due to some API changes and to fix some possible issues
> with that. On LoRaWAN support, it's planned in near future and will be
> implemented soon or later, of course, but if somebody needs a point to
> start with - just wait for my driver's PR and use it to implement LoRaWAN
> above it.
> To summarize:
> 1. SX1276 support is done and used in production as well, so the PR in
> RIOT it's just a matter of time. Hopefully I will do this until the end of
> a week.
> 2. LoRaWAN layer isn't done by me personally, but if somebody is willing
> to start on this direction, my SX1276 driver that will be published soon is
> good starting point
> 2016-06-20 16:20 GMT+03:00 Anon Anonymous <anon1644072 at gmail.com>:
>> Hi, RIOTers!
>> After a couple of months I've finished a Semtech's SX1276 LoRa
>> transceiver driver (physical level, RX and TX) under RIOT (pull request
>> coming soon!) and the next step is a LoRaWAN MAC level implementation.
>> My question is:
>> Which RIOT interfaces should I choose to implement next to introduce
>> LoRaWAN MAC level as seamlessly as possible into existing RIOT's networking
>> stacks?
>> Thanks in advance for any help and clarifications!
>> Best regards.
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