[riot-devel] Netdev2 - Events/Flags wich cause netdev2 to transmit

Neo neo at nenaco.de
Thu Sep 1 01:28:30 CEST 2016

Hello RIOT radio chip driver developers,

my radio module driver (work in progress) transmits 
Acknowledgement-Frames without forcing it to do anything. There must be 
a wrong condition (e.g. event or flags) in the interface between netdev2 
and the hardware dependent part of the driver which forces the driver to 
fill the transmit buffer and send it.

Can anyone give me a hint where to search for the place where netdev2 is 
triggered to fill the tx-buffer and send the frame ( I guess an Ack-Frame)?

This are the first bytes inside my transmit buffer which were forced to 
be send:

transmitbuf[0]= 0x1f
transmitbuf[1]= 0x41
transmitbuf[2]= 0x98
transmitbuf[3]= 0x0
transmitbuf[4]= 0x23
transmitbuf[5]= 0x0
transmitbuf[6]= 0xff
transmitbuf[7]= 0xff
transmitbuf[8]= 0x2
transmitbuf[9]= 0x30
transmitbuf[a]= 0x7b
transmitbuf[b]= 0x3b
transmitbuf[c]= 0x3a
transmitbuf[d]= 0x2
transmitbuf[e]= 0x85
transmitbuf[f]= 0x0

Thanks a lot,


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