[riot-devel] MRF24J40 radio module driver

Neo neo at nenaco.de
Sun Sep 4 18:10:56 CEST 2016

Hello alltogether,
I'm using actually the AT86RF2XX driver as a template for the 
development of the MRF24J40 radio module driver.

At the moment I'm comparing the netdev2 flags of the AT86RF2XX driver 
and the MRF24J40 when using the gnrc_networking example and I see a 
If I take a look onto the AT86RF2XX setup the flags show me a value of 
0x5164 whereas myone shows 0x5160.
I can't find the any place where the missing flag 0x0004 is set in the 
AT86RF2XX driver. In the ../drivers/include/net/netdev2/ieee80154.h file 
the define for this flag is NETDEV2_IEEE802154_SRC_MODE_LONG meaning the 
usage of long source addresses.

Can anyone tell me where the driver is set up to use long source addresses?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

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