[riot-devel] Netdev2 State changes

Neo neo at nenaco.de
Sun Sep 11 17:38:29 CEST 2016

Dear radio module driver developers,

as far as I have seen, the netdev2 architecture reads several time the 
state of the radio chip to synchronize with the hardware dependent part 
of the driver (state changes). This is wonderful if the radio chip has a 
register which shows the actual state of the radio-modul - like the  
TRX_STATUS register inside of the Atmel chips.
What could be done, if the radio chip doesn't have such a register or 
shows only rudiment state informations to synchronize/trigger the 
netdev2 part of the driver.

The MRF24J40 from Microchip for example shows only the following useful 
state information:


Transmission is done in the RX state without any changes, just trigger 
the transission (TXNCON-Reg./TXNTRIG-Bit).

  Thanks a lot!


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