[riot-devel] Unlocking mutex in RTC ISR and thread switching causes HardFault

Joakim NohlgÄrd joakim.nohlgard at eistec.se
Wed Sep 14 20:03:26 CEST 2016

Do you have some example code that you can share which triggers this fault?

Best regards, Joakim

On Sep 14, 2016 7:50 PM, "Anon Anonymous" <anon1644072 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I trying to unlock mutex in RTC Alarm ISR and after alarm shoots and mutex
> is unlocked, the thread switch request is pending. RTC ISR in rtc.c file
> check that flag and calls thread_yield() to call a scheduler. After PendSV
> interrupt is triggered, HardFault occurs right after PendSV enabling
> command.
> When the same operations done from for example, TIM interrupt which used
> by xtimer, context switching goes well.
>>  CFSR: 0x00040000
>>  HFSR: 0x40000000
> My device is STM32L151.
> Best regards,
> Anon
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