[riot-devel] flash command without compiling

Ludwig Knüpfer ludwig.knuepfer at fu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 17 22:20:23 CEST 2017


In general this should not be the case. I'd imagine one of the packages messes up the build system's dependencies. Hard to say without seeing the project.


Am 17. April 2017 16:47:12 MESZ schrieb Jose Alamos <jialamos at uc.cl>:
>Dear RIOTers,
>I noticed the 'make flash' recompiles everything before flashing.
>the reason behind this?
>I'm working with some packages that require some time to
>and everytime I run 'flash' I have to wait the whole process to finish.
>cannot even flash 2 boards at the same time because the compile process
>As always, any ideas would be appreciated :)

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