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Fri Apr 28 22:18:42 CEST 2017


I'm generally sceptical of anything the Linux Foundation does these days. I
know the word "Foundation" has a nice community vibe to it, but ultimately
LF are an industry association working in the best interests of their
paying members (some of whom pay a lot, and therefore quite understandably
expect to see results). Potentially, these interests may not be compatible
with the goals of RIOT.

I understand that being an associate member doesn't incur any obligations,
and the exposure may be good for the RIOT project. My main concern is that
development focus will be misdirected towards Edge X rather than continuing
the excellent work done in RIOT so far, if Edge X certification was to
become an "official" goal of RIOT.

Perhaps an alternative would be to set up a special interest group within
the RIOT project, to monitor the progression of Edge X as it matures. It's
still a young initiative and may not even end up gaining traction.

Anyway, my 2c.


On 29/04/2017 6:28 AM, "Thomas Eichinger" <thomas at riot-os.org> wrote:

> Dear RIOTers,
> As some of you might have noticed there exists a new initiative hosted by
> Linux Foundation called EdgeX Foundry [1]. From their website:
> "EdgeX FoundryTM is a vendor-neutral open source project hosted by the
> Linux Foundation building a common open framework for Industrial IoT edge
> computing. ... The initiative is aligned around a common goal: the
> simplification and standardization of the foundation for tiered edge
> computing architectures in the Industrial IoT market while still enabling
> the ecosystem to provide significant value-added differentiation."
> Some central people in the RIOT community consider this as an interesting
> project to join as it holds the possibility to expose RIOT to a broader
> audience and might also attract future contributions.
> RIOT would join as an open source project and thus become an Associated
> Member which does not imply joining the Linux Foundation.
> Before taking any further actions we wanted to know if anybody in the
> community feels uncomfortable or has any objections to RIOT participating?
> Please let us know in a timely manner about your concerns. General
> feedback is very much welcome as usual.
> Cheers,
> Thomas
> [1] https://www.edgexfoundry.org/
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