[riot-devel] Regarding RIOT joining EdgeX Foundry

Aaron Sowry aeneby at gmail.com
Sat Apr 29 01:03:03 CEST 2017


Comments in-line.

> Thanks for your input, I very much appreciate it. Please see my comments
> inline.

You're very welcome, thank you for encouraging community discussion.

> Potentially it does turn out that EdgeX is moving into a direction that is
> not
> desired by the community or incompatible with RIOT's goals. From my point of
> view however the only way to have at least a little bit of an influence on
> this
> is to actually participate and try. If the point should be reached at which
> there is a conflict of interests, there is always the option to drop out.

Sure, I suppose there is no harm in trying.

> As a project we can't make any contributor work on EdgeX other than they,
> or their employers, want to. How far the involvement will go will also
> depend
> on how open this group is for our input. In general I can rather see people
> somehow involved in RIOT providing technical input and keeping an eye on the
> results than actually contributing huge junks to an Apache 2 licensed code
> base.

I suspect that any major contributions to the development of EdgeX,
code-wise or direction-wise, will be restricted to high-paying members
of the Foundry. Others (e.g. RIOT) will be effectively relegated to
minor contributions such as bug fixes, and be expected to adapt their
platform to whatever the prominent members decide if they wish to
obtain EdgeX certification. So I would expect that the majority of the
changes will be in RIOT itself, rather than contributions to the EdgeX
code base. But perhaps RIOT is modular enough to get away with this
without sacrificing the long-term goals of the project.

> I think this is a good idea, forming a special interest group a.k.a task
> force
> gathering people having time to spare to invest in EdgeX, reporting back to
> the
> community as we used to do for technical topics.

I think a task force would at least fulfill the desire to "keep an eye
on the results" as you say, and would probably be a positive thing to
have regardless of how much involvement RIOT decides to have in EdgeX.


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