[riot-devel] RIOT integration options for Whitefield

Rahul Jadhav rahul.ietf at gmail.com
Sun Jul 30 17:13:51 CEST 2017

Hello team RIOT,

I m trying to integrate RIOT with a simulation framework called as
Whitefield (which i m developing for interop testing) ... For details:

I ll use RIOT in native mode. Whitefield will provide for 802.15.4 phy/mac
and RIOT will provide for 6lo/ipv6/udp/blah.

As far as possible i wanted to check integration options which do not
involve changing RIOT.

For integration i ve thought of foll options:
1. using tapX interface (but without tapbrX intf) ... i.e. RIOT will send
packets on tap and whitefield will sniff in promiscous mode on tap and then
redirect the packets to the whitefield RF layer ... similarly sending pkts
to the RIOT node by using raw sockets and then injecting on tap interface.
**The problem here is that with netdev_tap, 6lo adaptation is not
included** ... I saw an option to use gnrc_zep + gnrc_nomac which could ve
enabled 6lo for tap (
but seems these two modules are no more part of RIOT.

2. writing a driver for whitefield in RIOT ... This would be a clean/easy
solution (and this is what i did for contiki integration) ...  But this
would mean changes to RIOT, and i m not sure if RIOT team would be
interested in such PR.

3. Another option is to use fakelb, which simulates a 802.15.4 phy intf on
linux. Thus i assume RIOT 6lo will work on this phy device. Then i go about
the same way with integration, the way i planned for tap interface as in 1.
Problem here is, fakelb is not available by default, thus there are clumsy
(kernel module compilation) setup steps and i m still not sure if this is
the right way to go.

Wanted to seek advise from RIOT team regarding which option to use.

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