[riot-devel] RIOT integration options for Whitefield

Ludwig Knüpfer ludwig.knuepfer at fu-berlin.de
Mon Jul 31 19:29:30 CEST 2017

Hi Rahul,

Regarding implementation proposal 2:
As I don't know anything about Whitefield: what would that implementation look like in detail? In particular: how would RIOT communicate with Whitefield? (Unix) socket/thread messages/other IPC?


Am 30. Juli 2017 17:13:51 MESZ schrieb Rahul Jadhav <rahul.ietf at gmail.com>:
>Hello team RIOT,
>I m trying to integrate RIOT with a simulation framework called as
>Whitefield (which i m developing for interop testing) ... For details:
>I ll use RIOT in native mode. Whitefield will provide for 802.15.4
>and RIOT will provide for 6lo/ipv6/udp/blah.
>As far as possible i wanted to check integration options which do not
>involve changing RIOT.
>For integration i ve thought of foll options:
>1. using tapX interface (but without tapbrX intf) ... i.e. RIOT will
>packets on tap and whitefield will sniff in promiscous mode on tap and
>redirect the packets to the whitefield RF layer ... similarly sending
>to the RIOT node by using raw sockets and then injecting on tap
>**The problem here is that with netdev_tap, 6lo adaptation is not
>included** ... I saw an option to use gnrc_zep + gnrc_nomac which could
>enabled 6lo for tap (
>but seems these two modules are no more part of RIOT.
>2. writing a driver for whitefield in RIOT ... This would be a
>solution (and this is what i did for contiki integration) ...  But this
>would mean changes to RIOT, and i m not sure if RIOT team would be
>interested in such PR.
>3. Another option is to use fakelb, which simulates a 802.15.4 phy intf
>linux. Thus i assume RIOT 6lo will work on this phy device. Then i go
>the same way with integration, the way i planned for tap interface as
>in 1.
>Problem here is, fakelb is not available by default, thus there are
>(kernel module compilation) setup steps and i m still not sure if this
>the right way to go.
>Wanted to seek advise from RIOT team regarding which option to use.

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