[riot-devel] Code Quality Task Force

Kaspar Schleiser kaspar at schleiser.de
Mon Mar 6 15:02:29 CET 2017

Hey fellow RIOTers,

our CI currently fails on added files having either doxygen or cppcheck

Unfortunately if changed files contain either warning, it cannot
determine whether the warnings are new or have been there.

So I hereby launch the Code Quality Task Force, and declare it's first
task to get rid of all those warnings.

Let's go as follows:

1. move all vendor headers into a clearly recognizable sub directory
containing "/vendor/", for easy exclusion (Hauke will do that)

2. Activate CI failing on all doxygen warnings. We'll do that in #6688.
(Oleg will do that).

3. Pull request (and merge) fixes to #6688 until all warnings are gone
and the PR passes CI, then merge the PR.

4. create a PR similar to #6688, but for cppcheck warnings. Same fixing

6. meet up on next RIOT Summit and have a beer together.

Everyone is invited and very welcome to help at any point! :)

@Oleg, do you have numbers on the amount of cppcheck/doxygen warnings we
currently have?


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