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Sam Kumar samkumar99 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 04:04:32 CET 2017

I finally got around to porting my implementation to use sock instead of
conn. I am running into a similar issue now. It seems this check is still
in sock (see

I think that the check should be:
assert(0 <= socket && socket < _ACTUAL_SOCKET_POOL_SIZE);

but perhaps there is some reasoning behind the original check that I am not
aware of. Could someone more familiar with the sock code please take a look?


On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 5:19 AM, Martine Lenders <mail at martine-lenders.eu>

> Hi Sam,
> 2017-01-12 14:06 GMT+01:00 Sam Kumar <samkumar99 at gmail.com>:
>> Hi Martine,
>> I will work on testing it with sock and PR #6004, but it may take some
>> time since I might need to port the interface from conn to sock.
>> It seems to me that conn is deprecated and that sock is its replacement
>> moving forward. Am I correct?
> That is correct, conn was deprecated with our 2016.10 release and its
> deprecation was widely advertised within the community before its
> deprecation.
>> And what is the motivation for moving away from conn?
> As you might have noticed conn is both quite ugly to use and to implement.
> sock aimed to simplify a lot of these usage issues we had in conn. And also
> fix quite a few bugs conn had in the backend in most implementations.
> Cheers,
> Martine
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