[riot-devel] questions about riot os

Arjun Hary arjun at zglue.com
Mon Mar 20 17:03:55 CET 2017


I am trying to build riot os for the nrf52dk board. I got the code base and
have been successful in building it and was able to add the nordic
softdevice module as well

1) After adding the softdevice the code size jumped to 46K bytes which
includes compilation of 6lowpan, ipv6. Is there a way to compile the nordic
ble linbrary without adding these modules. I tried the DISABLE_MODULE macro
and though the makefile complained , the code size still remained the same.
It looks like 6lowpan and ipv6 are required modules. How do I change this.

2)  Also as a general question, I see that RIOT claims the FLASH size usage
is around 5K. What features does the 5K include. Does it incude pthreads,
task switching, synchronization , messaging etc.

Arjun Hary
 : +1 (425) 381-7722
 : zGlue Inc., Mountain View, CA
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