[riot-devel] Support for cc3200

Härtinger Markus Markus.Haertinger at xws.de
Fri May 19 08:32:12 CEST 2017


We are currently developing an WIFI support in RIOT-OS for the CPU cc3200.

Our implementation is based on the code of Attilio Donà and the vendor libraries of Texas Instruments. 


After the first hardware support for this CPU currently we try to implement the WLAN support.

For this goal we have some questions:

-          Is there already an implementation for any WLAN  IEEE-802.11 CPU in RIOT-OS 

-          Is there an IPv4 support or only IPv6

-          Is it correct that it is only necessary to wirte the cc3200_netdev.c-File.


Thanks for your help and tips.



Best Regards


Markus Härtinger 


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