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Francisco Javier Acosta Padilla francisco.acosta at inria.fr
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On 1 November 2017 at 08:53:01, Cenk Gündoğan (list-riot at cgundogan.de) wrote:

Hi Paco! 

Just a few minor hints inlined below. 

On 17-10-31 18:03:01, Francisco Javier Acosta Padilla wrote: 
> Hi RIOT developers, maintainers, 
> Maybe some attendants to the RIOT Summit 2017 remember that we have talked about having developer/maintainer meetings from time to time to discuss about organisational stuff, e.g. which Issues/PRs are priorities and who’s looking at them. 
> Well, I just moved a step forward into this and ask all of you to attend the first meeting. For strategical reasons, we’ll hold these meetings one day before the Hack&ACK, which takes place last Thursday every month. This way we can agree which PRs/issues are likely to be solved during the Hack&ACK, especially if the couple maintainer/commiter attend the meeting. However, this is not limited to the Hack&ACK and can be done at any time, we’ll discuss the way we want to work on this and if a meeting per month is enough/too much. 
CG: I assume you meant every last *Tuesday* of the month, not *Thursday* 
Yes, I made a mistake, Hack&ACK is on Tuesday.

> I have organised this using github projects[1], on which I have created several (maybe too much, to be discussed): 
>   - Bug tracker for the release -> This project keeps track of the bugs reported in the current release. The goal is to work on them as much/soon as possible. The first task would be to order them by priority, since for now they’re just ordered by date. 
>   - A project for each area on our roadmap -> Keeps track of the current work being done in a given area. The goal is to create issues/PRs and organise them by priority. A maintainer will be assigned to get the issue solved/PR merged. 
>   - Monthly meetings organisation -> Keeps tracking of the activities regarding our roadmap. I think this can be used mostly to agree on which parts of the roadmap we want to work on, and who’s steering the activities. I didn’t add the bug tracker here but it’s maybe convenient, though it can bee too large. 
> Given that today is a holiday in Germany, and most of the attendants/organisers of Hack&ACK are from there, there’s none today. We have agreed that we will move it to the next Tuesday. 
> Therefore, I suggest to have our first meeting next Monday. I don’t know about the hour, since we have contributors from all over the world, but I guess around 17:00 can fit most time zones. 
CG: So the first meeting is scheduled at 5 pm (CET) on November 6. 
For now I would say so (forgot to specify the time zone, thanks), unless most of the interested people cannot do it for that date/hour. My intention was actually to get a consensus on that matter.

> I expect your feedback and let’s also discuss about which mean can we meet. We’re using placecam for the Hack&ACK which works more or less good, but if we can have something better and all people is able to configure it we should move to it. 
CG: I have no strong opinion about the software. If PlaceCam works then 
just use that. An alternative could be WebEx. 


> Since this would be our first meeting, I’d say we’ll need to reserve around 1h for it, but I’ll try to keep the next ones no longer than 30min. 
> Keep RIOTing! Cheers! 
> P.S: @Martine, can you set up the next Hack&ACK meeting? Thanks! 
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