[riot-devel] Updates to the build system - modules definition

Kaspar Schleiser kaspar at schleiser.de
Thu Nov 30 11:52:12 CET 2017

Hi Dan,

On 11/29/2017 02:33 PM, Daniel Petry wrote:
> 1. The current build system isn't suitable to support the front end for
> RAPstore that Hendrik developed for his bachelor thesis, which requires
> that certain information can be displayed to the users.

I hear about this for the first time. Are there any pointers?

> 2. The current build system doesn't allow developers to easily include
> modules in their applications

USEMODULE += module_name?

> built can be affected by files/code outside the module directory
> 	2.1 API changes as a result of including other modules aren't
> immediately visible in that module
> 	2.2 API changes on other modules as a result of including that module
> isn't immediately visible
> 	2.3 The complete build information for a module isn't localised only in
> the module directory

If modules are interdependent, they will affect each other. How can a
different module definition help here?


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