[riot-devel] rfq commercial additions to riot-os

Thomas Eichinger thomas at riot-os.org
Tue Oct 31 23:35:52 CET 2017

Hi Richard,

On 31 Oct 2017, at 14:42 PDT(-0700), Richard Klingler wrote:
> Hmm.. I see you sometimes joining/leaving #riot-os (o;
That might be me, different Thomas. ;)

> Yes the different networks is very interesting...and definitively a 
> need....
> not sure if it is easily done like adding a second interface on UNIX
> with a simple ifconfig (o;

Having two network interfaces is already possible with RIOT as well as 
RIOT provides
a ifconfig command for configuration.

> The button thing...don't have to be a button..and is also not always 
> possible...
> Let's say you want to deploy a new network....
> Idea is like all nodes have a default PAN as the firmware is all the 
> same (more or less).
> You start deploying the network from the border router away by 
> pressing a button
> which tells it to start a join procedure....for example by 
> broadcasting on that PAN
> a message like "who ever wants to joing my new network with PAN ID 
> xxx, you have 5
> minutes time"....
> Then on the the next node you press also a button, which then listens 
> on the
> default PAN and accepts then the new PAN advertised by the router 
> node...
> A leave would be then like pressing the button for 5 seconds...putting 
> it back
> into the default PAN....

If I understand your scenario correctly, what you are suggesting 
involves a 802.15.4
coordinator announcing PAN or channel changes and/or manages hardware 

I started a discussion on this topic recently but for now RIOT is still 
missing these
"runtime" features.

Please be aware though that, to the best of my knowledge, nothing in the 
standard keeps
a device from starting to communicate on a certain channel with a 
certain PAN ID at any
point in time.


> On Tue, 31 Oct 2017 22:28:09 +0100, Thomas C. Schmidt wrote:
>> Hi Richard,
>> thanks for sharing your thoughts on the list!
>> I'm not sure I fully understand your requirements, but believe that
>> some are generically interesting for RIOT, e.g., running several/many
>> 802.15.4 networks in parallel.
>> What about this join/leave button?
>> Best,
>>  Thomas
>> On 31/10/2017 22:14, Richard Klingler wrote:
>>> Evnin' from \.ch (o;
>>> Some of you from #riot-os already know some backgrounds...
>>> I work for a company doing sanitary devices (basically anything
>>> controlling water)
>>> with IoT capabilities...currently WLAN/Ethernet connection only...
>>> To extend our portfolio we would like to switch over to 802.15.4 
>>> network...
>>> Target areas would be for example hospitals with hundres od WSN
>>> nodes per building.
>>> In the past I tested so far contiki, skipped totally tinyos and 
>>> ended up
>>> with an easily setup riot-os network at home...which was the base to
>>> present to our CEO...
>>> We have already assigned a local company to do a WSN but they failed
>>> after half year to deliver
>>> anything useful. That's why I always kept a back plan from the
>>> beginning evaluating
>>> open source solutions...
>>> I got the OK today to ask here on this list for external men power
>>> to extend
>>> the already great riot-os capabilities with special features we 
>>> would need
>>> to be successful in commercial/industrial fields, mainly:
>>> - run independant wsn side by side with not interfering each other
>>> - simple joining/leaving a node to/from a PAN with simple button 
>>> press
>>> We would like early as possible..speaking...within two weeks (o;
>>> thanks in advance for listening and
>>> for the already great riot-os (o;
>>> davorin@#riot-os
>>> richard
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