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Mon Apr 23 16:07:00 CEST 2018

Hi Raphael,
and all,

> On 20. Apr 2018, at 11:32, Hiesgen, Raphael <Raphael.Hiesgen at haw-hamburg.de> wrote:
> Maybe it's a good idea to discuss if we are generally open to accumulate a few badges in our README or if this should be more restricted. I'm not looking for a discussion about the PR, but the badges.

I'm in favour of badges as they give a nice and easy to grasp overview on build states,
features and so on. And --looking at other projects-- badges seem to be rather common
and popular (at least at the moment, and until the next hype or so :) My only concern
right now is that if we add more (and more) badges, the README header will get kind of

Any general objections on this, otherwise we can start by merging Raphaels PR and see
how this evolves.



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