[riot-devel] Interest in Graphical Custom IDE / Development Environment / Networking Tool for RIOT (?)

Alexandre Abadie alexandre.abadie at inria.fr
Wed Feb 28 10:03:54 CET 2018


Interesting and promising project. 
I have some experience in Qt development, is there a GitHub or something for the project ? 


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> Hi Everyone,

> I've been on the mailing list for a while and recently have been
> revisiting my own projects and have started work on an IDE or
> Development Environment for IoT in Qt.

> Right I'm developing an IoT IDE/Communicator and thought I'd reach out
> to you RIOT Developers.

> What just occurred to me is that there might be some interest in RIOT to
> have a native Qt development environment. Being platform independent, it
> would run on either Windows, Linux or OSX. If it is of interest, I could
> just change the branding where needed, eg logo's and screens and so
> forth to make something fit.

> In terms of functionality, one of the things that would be handy is to
> have an integrated communications terminal type window.

> Supporting all of the various types of packet data that you might want
> to exchange with RIOT. We could customise the list to get a 100% fit.

> For the Edit Window, I've come up with some editing options. Nothing too
> complicated.

> Then the primary function would be to do a 'make' on some project
> directory, display the results and be able to do a 'Run'. Much like the
> Qt Creator program does now only in a slightly cut down form.

> These are things that I'm working on right now.

> Since RIOT has it's own makefile style system and so forth it shouldn't
> be so difficult to integrate.

> Once these basics are running, I'm planning to have some sort of Event
> Window where the User can generate and playback various types of Network
> events. Much like the Application on Chrome 'Postman'.

> This would allow the User to examine and test code and packet exchanges
> in an interesting visual way.

> Since I have some free time at the moment and motivation to complete
> this project I'd welcome collaborators from RIOT to complete some of the
> project.

> Any comments / interest ?

> Regards

> David Lyon

> clixx.io Pty Limited, Sydney Australia

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