[riot-devel] Interest in Graphical Custom IDE / Development Environment / Networking Tool for RIOT (?)

David Lyon david.lyon at clixx.io
Wed Feb 28 11:59:13 CET 2018

On 2018-02-28 20:03, Alexandre Abadie wrote:

> Hi, 
> Interesting and promising project. 
> I have some experience in Qt development, is there a GitHub or something for the project ? 
> Alex

Hi Alex, 

Thanks for answering. 

The development is on GitHub and I will prepare it to share the link
soon [a day or two]. 

I've got a lot of paper notes with wireframes of features and windows
that I would like in it that are not in any other software at the moment
to my knowledge. 

As you can see I've taken one or more Qt examples and I'm busy
transforming them into an MVP: 

The advantage of using Qt for this type of project is that as we know
it's great to be able to display packets and data in realtime as they
come in and web apps aren't great for that as far as I'm aware. 

Forgive all the Qt toolbar buttons. These and all the code to make
everything work properly will hopefully happen sometime. On the
toolbars, there will be upload / build / make / send / monitor type
buttons related to project and packet/stream type communications. 

Regards and thanks 

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